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Bitdefender ഇന്റർനെറ്റ് സെക്യൂരിറ്റി 2015 - XXX Pc X Months കീ
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Bitdefender ഇന്റർനെറ്റ് സെക്യൂരിറ്റി 2015 - XXIX പിസി X Months കീ - (ആന്റിവൈറസ്)

ഉൽപ്പന്ന വിവരണം

Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 is the essential internet security software.

It builds on technology awarded by AV-TEST Best Protection for three years straight, and Best Performance for system speed. Intuitive, it secures your device with just one click. It also prevents unauthorized access to your private information with a two-way Firewall and keeps children safe with Parental Control.

പ്രധാന സവിശേഷതകൾ

    • Bank Online Without Worries - Make online transactions from a unique, dedicated browser, that secured your accounts from fraud. Bitdefender Safepay can now also automatically fill credit card details in billing fields.

    • Two-way Firewall - The two-way firewall continuously monitors your Internet connections and prevents unauthorized access, even over a Wi-Fi network.

    • Active Virus Control - Active Virus Control is a proactive, dynamic detection technology. It monitors processes’ behavior in real time, as they are running, and tags suspicious activities.

    • Rescue Mode - If e-threats, such as rootkits, cannot be removed from within the Windows operating system, the computer is re-booted in Rescue mode — a trusted environment which is then used for cleanup and restoration.

    • Quick Vulnerability Scanner - With a single click, the vulnerability scanner automatically warns of vulnerable or outdated software, missing Windows security patches, and potentially unsafe system settings.

    • സുരക്ഷാ റിപ്പോർട്ട് - Displays your overall security status for the past week, as well as the total issues fixed by Bitdefender since installation. Includes freed up space, optimized apps and remaining available storage.

    • Security Widget - Enables you to keep track of all of your security-related tasks, plus lets you quickly and easily drag-and-drop files for quick scanning for viruses — right from your desktop!

    • Online Dashboard - MyBitdefender offers quick online access to your local Bitdefender software, allowing you to run scans, check security statuses for each device, extend your services or easily access support.

    • Remote Management - Remotely scan and fix security issues on all of your Bitdefender-protected devices from anywhere, using MyBitdefender.

സിസ്റ്റം ആവശ്യകതകൾ

Below are the minimum and recommended system specifications for Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 1 Device 9 Months PC Bitdefender Key GLOBAL. Due to potential programming changes, the minimum system requirements for Bitdefender Internet Security 2015 1 Device 9 Months PC Bitdefender Key GLOBAL may change over time.

Minimal requirements

  • പ്രോസസ്സർ1.6 GHz - Intel / AMD
  • മെമ്മറി1 ബ്രിട്ടൻ റാം
  • ഡിസ്ക് സ്പേസ്1 GB HD
  • സിസ്റ്റംWindows XP SP3 / Windows Vista SP2 / Windows 7 SP1 / Windows ക്സനുമ്ക്സ / Windows 8

ഫാസ്റ്റ് കസ്റ്റമർ സപ്പോർട്ട്
തൽക്ഷണ ഇമെയിൽ ഡെലിവറി
HTTPS മായുള്ള സുരക്ഷിത പേയ്മെന്റ്

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